(Aug 6, 1946 - Feb 14, 2013)
Updated April 24, 2018 12:22am
by Steven_Cohen @ netzero.net

  1. Full obituary (State-Journal, Frankfort, KY)

  2. Harrod Bros. Funeral Home - - view condolences and write one of your own

  3. Handout from the memorial/tribute   (Frankfort, March 23, 2013)

  4. 'Say Life' - - a poem by Dennis, 1973

  5. Dan Bobinski's (co-author of Living Toad Free) Tribute to Dennis

  6. Ed Councill's (co-founder of KidsGrowKentucky.net) Tribute to Dennis

  7. Ed Councill's news article about the memorial

  8. Steve Cohen's (friend of Dennis) Tribute to Dennis

  9. Song selections played during the memorial/tribute (50mb MP3 file) (click here for the song list and explanation)

  10. Photos:
          - Special selections
          - Memorial tribute
          - Internment at Swan Pond

  11. Memorial Tribute Video (YouTube)  (Frankfort, March 23, 2013)
    Viewing suggestion:

         This is a huge video.
         To start it, click the arrow in the middle of the video screen, below,
         then pause it,
         then wait about five minutes to allow it to partially download, 
         then hit 'play'.
         This will help it play more smoothly.
         If you don't do this, it may pause and continue, repeatedly, as the video loads to your computer.
         If it doesn't start or if you have other problems with it, 
         then click here to run it from YouTube, directly.

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