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Currently "nesting" in Frankfort, Kentucky!

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Here is the list (alphabetized by common name)
of the 30 bird species that I have seen
in my Frankfort, Kentucky, backyard,
since I moved here in January 2006 through July 2013
(flew the coop to another State!).

Click here to enjoy my fine, feathered-friends
from my old, Fairfax, Virginia, home!

  American Goldfinch   |   Blue Jay   |     Boat-tailed Grackle   |   Brown-headed Cowbird   |   Carolina Chickadee

  Carolina Wren   |   Crow   |   Downy Woodpecker   |   European Starling   |   Field Sparrow

  House Sparrow   |   House Wren   |   Ipswich Sparrow   |   Killdeer   |   Mourning Dove

  Northern Flicker   |   Northern Mockingbird   |   Northern (Red) Cardinal

  Pileated Woodpecker   |   Purple Finch   |   Red-bellied Woodpecker

  Robin   |   Ruby-throated Hummingbird   |   Slate-colored Junco   | Song Sparrow

  Southwestern Willow Flycatcher   |   Titmouse   |   Turkey Vulture

  White-breasted Nuthatch   |   White-throated Sparrow
Food Rules!

I make it a rule never to put the feeder out until after Thanksgiving
and the temperature falls below 55F at noon for at least one week.

This is to prevent the birds from becoming dependent on the feeder,
and, thereby, not fulfilling their natural niche by gobbling up bugs and stuff,
not to mention that they might forget to fly to warmer climes,
if they think there's an abundance of food, here!

I remove the feeder
after the outside temperature has broken 65 degrees
for at least one week, usually in May.

In 2011, I had problems with deer nibbling on the ground
near the feeder, as well as on the feeder, itself.
Twice, they have knocked it off its perch, breaking it,
so I was forced to remove it after 7pm,
when it's dark and the birds have returned to their nests,
then I put it out some time the following morning
(the birds don't seem to mind when!).

And let's all be civil at the table, shall we?

I got a little silly with a Cornell Univ ornithological study video from New Guinea:

Riflebird (Ptiloris paradiseus) (a Bird-of-Paradise)

I am moving, so the feeder is closed!
(crying bird cartoon courtesy of David Kantrowitz)

Birds in my Backyard
(listed alphabetically by common name)

(images in the left column are compressed; right-click on an image to save/view its full image to your computer)

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American Goldfinch (2008(6) / 2011(4) / 2012(7))

Click here to see additional photos!

Blue Jay (2006(2) / 2012(2) / 2013(3))

  Boat-Tailed Grackle (2013(1) / ---- / ----)

(I am not sure of the species)

(the left photo is from my Virginia apartment)

Possible female Grackle
(click the following image to read more
about this unidentified bird, winter 2009)


Brown-headed Cowbird (2009(4) / 2011(1) / 2013(2))

A male and female couple chased a House Sparrow from the feeder,
then, attempted to use it,
but I make it a point to chase Cowbirds away.
Unlike the other birds, which fly away upon hearing me,
Cowbirds will usually hold their ground
until I am barely two feet from them.
Carolina Chickadee (2009(2) / 2012(4) / 2013(3))

Carolina Wren (2006(2) / 2011(1) / 2012(1))

  Crow (2006(#) / 2009(#) / 2010(#))

Downy Woodpecker (2009(1) / 2011(3) / 2012(1))

For the photo on the far left,
I'm not sure whether that's a strip of bark or a worm in its mouth.


European Starling (2006(#) / 2012(#) / 2013(#))

  Field Sparrow (2013(#) / ---- / ---- )

(I am not sure of the species)

(close-up of the left image)

House Sparrow (2006(#) / 2012(1) / 2013(#))
House Wren (2009(2) / 2010(1) / 2011(2))

Click here to see additional photos!
Ipswich Sparrow (2009(1) / 2010(1) / 2013(1))

I had misidentified this bird as a Chipping Sparrow; corrected Jan 22, 2013.
  Killdeer (2006(8) / 2008(4) / 2011(1))
Mourning Dove (2008(6) / 2012(1) / 2013(2))

Mourning doves apparently do not like sunflower seeds!

Northern Flicker (2008(1) / 2009(1) / 2013(1))

This is only the third time I've seen one,
and all three times, the bird was on the ground,
not in the trees, and never at my feeder.
The odd thing was that a Blue Jay was following it just a foot away,
as if they were friendly!
I've seen similar behavior with Starlings and Robins,
so, I'm not too surprised.
I'm guessing that the Blue Jay tries to benefit
from the Flicker's apparent foraging
(e.g., catching a missed insect),
but, in the five minutes I observed them,
I saw no proof of that.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a shot of them together.

Northern Mockingbird (2006(4) / 2010(2)/ 2013(2) )

Click here to see other photos!

Northern (Red) Cardinal (2006(6) / 2012(2) / 2013(4))

January 2013: For some reason, a male cardinal has taken to lighting
on my front window sills, even though it is a precarious perch.
The feeder is in the back, so that has nothing to do with it.
It even "attacks" the window! (see video, below)

February 2013: I think I now know the reason for this behavior:
A few years ago, I attached a translucent material
to the inside of the windows
(you can see where the material ends at the edge where the window opens;
more light comes through at that horizontal line).
Now, I realize that it is reflective on the outside,
so he must think there's an intruder in his territory!

(n.b., sound is out of sync)

The most bedraggled bird I've ever seen!

Click here to see other photos!

Pileated Woodpecker (2009(2) / 2010(2) / 2011(1))

Photo at left shows it at my neighbor's suet feeder in 2009
(you can see the crumbs on its beak).
I saw one in December 2010 in the treetops!
It turns out there's a nest just a few feet away
from the location shown in the video!
Purple Finch (2009(1) / 2010(1) / 2012(2))

(I had previously misidentified this as a House Finch)

Red-bellied Woodpecker (2008(4) / 2012(1) / 2013(2))

Click here for possible female red-bellied woodpecker


Robin (2006(#) / 2012(2) / 2013(#) )

A swarm of about 30 robins appeared on December 18, 2010!
I have never seen so many during winter!
I guess Spring is coming sooner than expected!
Ruby-throated Hummingbird (2008(4) / 2008(4) / 2012(2))

Perched on my neighbor's bird seed feeder,
having enjoyed a few sips at the hummingbird feeder!
My neighbors moved in 2009, so, apparently, the hummingbirds left, too.
But, to my surprise, two hummingbirds appeared on July 15, 2012
in the front of my apartment complex, where there is no food.
Slate-colored Junco (2009(4) / 2010(4) / 2011(4))
Song Sparrow (2010(4) / 2012(2) / 2013 (3))
? Southwestern Willow Flycatcher (2009(1) / ---- / ----)

(I am not sure of the species)

Click here to see additional pictures!
Titmouse (2009(6) / 2012(3) / 2013(4))

I noticed that it chose a peanut half over sunflower seeds and crackers.
  Turkey Vulture (2006(#) / 2011(#) / 2012(#))
(I am not sure of the species)

White-breasted Nuthatch (2011(1) / 2012(2) / 2013(2))

January 3, 2013 morning: I put out the bird feeder
(if I leave it overnight, nocturnal deer knock it off its post)
and, as I started to go back indoors, a nuthatch flew right up to the feeder,
not caring that I was present!

(pictures are right-side up!)
White-throated Sparrow (2011(1) / ---- / ----)

Cornell University has a marvelous website
featuring searchable descriptions, images, and sounds
of many North American birds!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Here's what Cornell's staff had to say about BIMBY:

"We enjoyed your site -- the 'X' through the tube feeders
was an especially nice (if not humorous) touch!"
You may have heard of 'flocks' and 'broods',
but you may be surprised at the group names
given to our bird friends!

Check it out:
Palomar, CA, Audubon Society - - Collective Bird Names
If you like birds,
you'll LOVE this website!
Visit the Parrot Pages!
A Home for Wild Birds

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