In June 2009, I walked out of my home,
looked toward the groves,
and spotted a male red-bellied woodpecker,
so I froze to see what it would do/where it would go.

It flew into a tree, and, after a moment,
another bird flew out; the one shown, below
(n.b., the eyes may not be as yellow as they appear;
the rising, morning, sun was to the left of the image,
so it may have been a reflection).

It certainly doesn't look like a female red-bellied woodpecker,
but both birds called to each other,
with nearly identical trills.

This has happened on more than one occasion,
and almost always at the same time of day,
so I can't believe this one is an intruder,
and it seems too large to be a juvenile.
(preening itself on a tree near its (presumed) nest)
(my camera fogged-up in the humid day air
just at the wrong moment!)

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