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Steven P. Cohen  
Steven_Cohen @ netzero.net

(Contractor; 1997-2001)

NAFIS  ('C' on HPUX/Solaris/Sparc/Sun; Informix SQL)

	-  Upgraded and maintained Bureau code for National Automated
		Fingerprint Identification System project (United Kingdom).

	-  Created Back Record Conversion utility
		to convert scanned fingerprint forms into database.

	-  Created Barcode Label Generator utility
		(software written in two days versus four week milestone).

	-  Designed and developed parser library routines
		to create and read NIST-based tapes.

JDSS ('C',Java on Sun/WinNT; MS-Access, MS-Excel)

	- Developed software tools for Program Support Function (PSF)
		of the Japan Defense Simulation System (JDSS).
		These tools later became a source of revenue to TRW
		as add-on software packages and for upgraded
		maintenance contracts (evaluated at $1 million).

	- Demonstrated software tools to Japanese military representatives.

(Contractor; Summer 2002)

Provisioning Server  ('C' and ESQL on HP; 80% Telecommuting)

	-  Created new code for TCP/IP-based Provisioning Server software.

	-  Created new code for TCP/IP-based Customer Care and Billing System.

	-  Upgraded previously existing software.

       -  Wrote post-release interface document.

(Contractor; 1992-1994)

JEDMICS Work Request 2  ('C' on Sun Workstation, Oracle, SQLplus)

	-  Developed applications software for Joint Engineering Data Management
		and Information Control System.

	-  Administered bi-weekly Progress Report and Review meetings
		for Defense Logistics Agency.

(Contractor; 1994-1996)

SMS/SPC  ('C' on Tandem using Non-Stop SQL)

      -  Developed and maintained currently existing real-time UPC software.

      -  Upgraded software in response to Software Problem Reports.

      -  Maintained software revision control utilities.

      -  Created user manuals and documentation.

(Contractor; Summer 1999)

Data Warehouse  ('C', Redbrick SQL on HP/UX)

	-  Supervised Tiger Team to analyze code and verify Y2K compliance.

	-  Performed ad hoc SQL queries for customers.

(Full-time; 1993-1995)

Social Gaming Systems  ('C' and Fortran on VAX/VMS 3000/4000 series)

	-  Designed, coded, and debugged SGS on-line software.

	-  Redesigned user-interface utilizing Screen Manager
		(improved user-friendliness and legibility; increased throughput 50%).

	-  Performed system administration for all SGS systems and personnel.

	-  Created documentation and user manuals for customer presentations.

	-  Acted as liaison between Gtech and British Columbia corporate partner.

Video Lottery Systems  ('C' and Fortran on VAX/VMS, VAX/Unix, and PC DOS;
				 Quality Assurance; Technical Writing)

	-  Developed test scripts.

	-  Initiated post-release design specifications.

	-  Created data dictionary.

	-  Developed test scenarios utilizing Sybase.

	-  Performed on-site test validation.

(Contractor; 2005-2009)

State Medicaid Systems ('C', Unix, and Oracle 10 on UltraSparc)

	-  Created new financial reports and letters.

	-  Modified legacy code to State and company specifications.

	-  Created new code from specification and/or design.

	-  Analyzed, edited, debugged, and tested, existing and new software.

(Full-time; 1990-1992) 

Lakart II   ('C' on Motorola 680x0 via UNIX, VRTX, vxWorks)

	-  Managed Automated Cable and Broadcast schedule/execution System
		valued at $5 million.

	-  Modified previously existing software (reduced volume 20%, increased speed 10%).

	-  Wrote post-release design.

	-  Redesigned software test procedure (improved clarity and efficiency).

	-  Performed system administration.

	-  Organized and improved structure of software library and backup procedures.

	-  Instituted off-site software backup procedure.

	-  Created customer software distribution log.

	-  Corrected previously existing code for GPI-out
		(customer released $22,000 contingent on this fix).

	-  Created Satellite Timed Record software
		(added $4,000 value in potential sales per system;
		software written and debugged in 2 weeks
		versus previous programmer's 9 month estimate).

	-  Created software for Automated Library System allowing previously
		existing robotic system to operate with current software
		(software written and debugged in 1 month
		versus previous programmer's 1 year estimate).

	-  Recommended purchase of less expensive keyboard and modified
		corresponding software (manufacturer later withdrew older
		model from the market; company saved $25 per unit;
		prevented downtime).

	-  Instituted procedure to restore customer-damaged disks
		(potential new revenue source).

(Full-time; 1985-1988)

NEXRAD  (RATFOR on Motorola 680x0 via UNIX)

	-  Designed, coded, and debugged Current Status Detailed Display.

	-  Coded and debugged Alarm Bulletins.

	-  Specially assigned to Full-Load Test Simulation.

Documentation  (Mac)

	-  Produced data flow diagrams for various groups.

	-  Performed software audits to verify adherence to company standards.

	-  Published software tools to assist departmental code design.

MILSTAR  (Fortran on VAX/VMS 11/750)

	-  Coded and debugged software for MCE Test Software group.

	-  Redesigned existing code to improve efficiency.

(Full-time; 2003-2004)

Collections Management Software ('C' on Unix; ISAM DB)

	-  Modified existing software per customer work orders.

	-  Created new software per customer work orders (e.g., Auto-Forward; CMA).

	-  Created user manuals corresponding with new software.

(Full-time; 1979-1985)

OPUS-80 Word Processor  (Intel ASM and PLM for 808x)

	-  Managed, designed, coded, and debugged Central software.

	-  Assisted in coding and debugging of Workstation software.

	-  Assigned to Performance and Reliability Task Group.

SEEK/TALK  (Fortran on DEC 10)

	-  Assisted in coding and debugging of radar graphics.

EXEC-80 Monitor  (PLM 8080)

	-  Assigned to Quality Assurance Group.

Displays Group  (Intel ASM and PLM 8051/808x;  IMSAI 8080 MS-BASIC)

	-  Coded and debugged medium resolution software graphics package.

	-  Designed, coded, and debugged demonstration package.

	-  Coded and debugged firmware test package.

	-  Coded Digital Convergence System for Air Force.

Communications Group  (ASM and PLM 8086/80186;  Apple IIe 'C';
				VAX/VMS 11/750 Telesoft ADA)

	-  Designed, coded, and debugged Local Downline Loader package.

	-  Assisted in design, code, and debug of HDLC driver.

	-  Designed and coded Tactical Data Communication System.

	-  Designed graphics for Voice Switching and Control System.

	-  Designed and coded Common Executive software for EJS.

	-  Designed, coded, and debugged hybrid integration software.

Steven P. Cohen  
Steven_Cohen @ netzero.net