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Steven P. Cohen
Steven_Cohen @ netzero.net


Senior applications programmer
specializing in analyzing, debugging,
maintaining, and upgrading legacy systems,
as well as creating new applications software.
Seeking software development position
as a contractor or full-time employee.
Superior work ethic; able to work with teams and independently;
thirst to learn; willing to relocate at own expense for the right position.


C, Fortran, Assembly, HTML, BASIC, PLM-80/85/86

Operating Systems 
Unix, VAX/VMS, DOS, Windows, MTOS, vxWorks, Real-time/Embedded

Embedded SQL, ISAM, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Redbrick

Source Code Revision Control (rcs, sccs, et al.), make,
MS-Office, Motif, debug tools (dbx, gdb, etc), vi, csh, ksh


Bachelor's in Computer Science, State University of New York, Oswego, NY


2008 - Pre-employment background and drug check
2007 - Passport renewal
2005 - FBI pre-employment fingerprint check
1985 - DISCO Top Secret
1979 - DISCO Secret


	* Wrote software in C and Embedded SQL for Unix-based platforms.
	* Created New Software per Project Specifications.
	* Upgraded Existing Software per Client Requirements.
	* Completed Software Projects well-within Project Milestones/Deadlines.
	* Reverse-Engineered Legacy Software.
	* Modified Legacy Software to Eliminate Prior Deficiencies.
	* Audited Software to Verify Adherence to Company Standards.
	* Initiated and Performed Software Test Procedures for Quality Assurance.
	* Maintained Software Library and Source Revision Control Systems.
	* Wrote Technical and User Manuals for Internal and Client Use.
	* Presented Formal Software Demonstrations for Clients.


	* Developed software to read and process digitized 
		criminal tenprint forms into the MI-5 database 
		used throughout the United Kingdom's constabulary via NAFIS (TRW).

	* Managed Real-time, Embedded Automated Cable 
		and Broadcast Video Schedule/Execution System 
		(total commercial value: $5,000,000) (Basys/Lakart).

	* Designed and Developed Parser Library Routines
		to Create/Read NIST-based Tapes (TRW).

	* Administered Bi-Weekly Progress Report and Review Meetings
		for Defense Logistics Agency (PRC).

	* Supervised Team to Analyze Verify Code for Y2K Compliance (AOL).


   EDS/HP, Frankfort, KY	January 2006 - January 2009
   ( Contractor; C / Unix, Oracle / PC, Sun )

    - Analyzed, Designed, Wrote, and Tested Code for Kentucky and Oregon Medicaid Systems.
    - Analyzed Software Trouble Reports, and Modified and Tested Code, accordingly.
    - Analyzed code and embedded SQL to improve throughput.
    - Edited Legacy Software to Update SQL Tables and Columns, and Report and Letter Layouts.
    - Created Tools to Improve Coder Throughput.
    - Wrote New Software for Customized Reports and Form Letters.
    - Wrote Tool to Replace Invalid ASCII Characters with Whitespace in Form Letters.
    - Wrote High-Level Data Flow Diagrams for Legacy Software.

  Orbcomm, Dulles, VA	May 2002 - August 2002
  ( Contractor; C / Unix,Informix / HP-UX,PC )

	- Developed Code for TCP/IP-based Provisioning Server Software.
	- Developed Code for TCP/IP-based Customer Care and Billing System.
	- Modified Existing Software (Discovered and Fixed Previously Existing Bugs).
	- Wrote Technical and User Interface Documents for Existing and New Software.

  TRW/Northrop-Grumman, Fairfax, VA	June 1997  September 2001
  ( Contractor; C / Unix,Informix,UIMX,NIST,WinNT,DOS / HP-UX,Solaris,SPARC / Access,Excel )
	- Developed Software Analysis Tools for Program Support Function (PSF)
		of Japan Defense Simulation System (JDSS).
	- Processed and Analyzed Scenario Output Data for JDSS Reports.
	- Developed and Upgraded FBI-Based National Automated
		Fingerprint Identification System (NAFIS) for the United Kingdom.

Steven P. Cohen
Steven_Cohen @ netzero.net