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  Last updated Apr 20, 2012


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At least it's in a nice neighborhood! Is one beer ever enough? Get a real religious experience! New movie: 'Scent of a Car'
Pass me the 'Crackerjacks', please? But where's the <i>real</i> museum??? Pretzels that have gone to the dogs! How many gallons in a gaga?
Paranoid much? No wonder 'HVAC' is an acronym! Smile and pirouette perfectly,<BR>or he'll beat the @!*#$^ out of you! Can I at least get the <i>diet</i> ice cream?
Can I get some bread to go with that dough? What's the consistency of those pastries? Have you tried Hare-Krishna? Discuss this one with your family
Can I go when the sign's put back? Strictly for couch potatoes Does this come in a Braille version? Elementary school student passes the bar! Now if he could only learn to type!
"Luke! I am your baby seat!" Ever since my back operation, there's no way I can bend like that! When manufacturers are a little too honest with their product names! Why are they hiring only Cas' beneficiaries?
Now if only the writer could be more consistent! If I can just hold it in until I get there . . .! 'Tis the east, and Juliet is the Sun!<br>Beethoven's Fifth!<br>I have a dream!<br><BR>Is that <i>stirring</I> enough for you? Now if she could only discover a dictionary!
How many trees did it take to make these postcards?<br><i>(the sad thing is, there is no joke!)</i> Sign of the times? What if I want a little more or less? Finally! A bank just for criminals!
I wonder what goes on in there? Remember YOUR first children's poker set? Can't anyone find an <i>adult</i> vaccine maker? Always the same . . . except when it's new!
I take issue with a magazine devoted to itself!

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