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Smithtown and Huntington vicinities.
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What my clients say about me!

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Terms and disclaimers

What can I do for you, today?
Here's a brief list of what I can do for you!

Diagnose, Repair, Upgrade, & Install PCs and components
(sorry, no MACs!)

Design Websites

Voice-Over Books,
Emcee Your Event, etc.

Replace Window Screens
& Caulk Window Frames

Write Resumes

Connect your

& Investigations

Clean, Caulk, Replace

Basic Car Maintenance
(pre-inspection checks; change bulbs;
diagnose check engine light; etc)

for albums, dating websites, social media, etc.
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Write Computer Programs
(C, Fortran, Unix, VAX)

Recent Work Performed

* Created new websites for business clients ($100 each)

* Repaired computer that nobody else could even diagnose! ($50)

* Digitally restored and printed customer's family photo! ($200 for one week's work)

* Changed client's home local and long distance service and internet service provider,
      saving half the monthly phone and internet bill! ($20)

* Performed pre-inspection vehicle maintenance, and repaired and changed flat tire,
      saving client time, money, and a trip to the garage!
      ($50 for 2 hours' work including the tire repair)

* Replaced broken lighting system and switches ($100 + parts)

* Restored computer infected with '2012 Vista' virus (no charge for 501(c)3 company)

edited with clients' consent!

"Steve was able to correct many problems with my computer
 [eliminated 73 virus-infected files],
 whereas others either tried and failed, or created more problems!"
- - J.B., Reston, VA

"Steve is my computer guru, webmaster, and car maintenance guy!
 He can do just about anything!
 He is quick, efficient and a most reliable technician!
 I recommend him to everyone who needs computer assistance!"
- - D.B., Annandale, VA

"What I love about Steve's work on my website is how much effort,
 both in sweat and creativity, he puts into it.
 I don't think there is anything website possible
 that he is not capable of doing and willing to accomplish."
- - D.R., Frankfort, KY

"Steve fixed my PC [graphics and speed problems],
 taught me a thing or two about my computer,
 and followed-up afterward to make sure all systems were go!"
- - J.G., Rockville, MD

I take GREAT pride in what I do,
and since most of my work comes by word-of-mouth,
I want to make my clients happy!

Before I start any project for you,
you must sign a contract which states
that all my work is guaranteed, per the above,
and that I will do the best I can for you,
but you agree not to sue me for ANY reason.

In other words,
if something goes wrong after I have completed the project,
TALK to me about it . . . don't sue!

The contract shall remain in force permanently.

I will bring the form for you to sign upon my first visit to your home or business.

Click here to view the contract
(subject to change)
(subject to disclaimers, below)

Rates depend on the type of work performed
and the length of time required to do it.

Please note that I am NOT licensed, bonded, insured, etc.,
and I will not take on any job requiring such.

Here's a list of sample rates:

      * Most PC repair work costs $50 (that's for 3 hours' work, not per hour!).

      * Typing and Proofreading costs $5 per page.

      * Photo restoration minimum is $20 and depends on the extent of the work required.

      * Courier:
            - $5 per item (or small lot) delivered within 5 miles of pick-up
            - $10 per item (or small lot) delivered within 6-15 miles of pick-up
            - add $10 per item (or small lot) per each additional 10 miles of pick-up (max 50 miles)

      * Minor electrical (fix broken wires, switches, etc) or plumbing (unclog drains, clean fixtures, etc): $50

      * Automobile maintenance check: $20.

My prices haven't changed in over a decade!
30-day Guarantee
on most work subject to disclaimers, below.


        - First time, unreferred, clients only:
          Payment must be in cash or via 'Paypal' on your cash/bank account
          (sorry, no Paypal credit card payments).

        - Paypal, cash, or check gladly accepted on subsequent visits,
          or if referred by an existing client.

        - Price, guarantee, and terms subject to change
          due to type, size, complexity, and/or number of project(s) involved.

        - Quotes gladly given in advance, but may be subject to change
          due to the conditions listed above.

        - Price does not include any required additional parts, supplies, etc.

        - The contract (see above) must be signed for all projects undertaken.

        - Most computer-based work averages 2.5 hours.

        - All payments are non-refundable!

        - Other disclaimers may be in force, as deemed necessary.
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