The contract appearing on this web page
is only a representation of the contract
which must be signed before any work is performed.
The actual contract is subject to change and may not appear as shown.
As such, the contract appearing on this web page is deemed null and void.
I will bring the contract for you to read and sign at our first session.

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Paragraph 1.  Parties

The following is a contract dated  _______ _____ , 20____

between "'Steve' of All Trades",  herein known as "the contractor",

and ____________________________, herein known as "the customer",

residing at ____________________________________________________.

Paragraph 2.  Work Agreement and Payment

The contractor agrees to perform the following duty or duties
for which the customer shall provide payment as noted
in cash at-the-door or in advance via the internet service "PayPal"®.

The customer agrees to and understands that
all payments are non-refundable,
and that it may not be possible for the contractor
to complete the duty or duties in a single visit.

                  DUTY                                   PAYMENT

1. ________________________________________		$________

2. ________________________________________		$________

3. ________________________________________		$________

Paragraph 3a.  Contractor Obligation

The contractor shall perform the duty or duties designated in
Paragraph 2 to the best of his ability and in a timely manner,
within reason (i.e., barring external problems such as
power failures, acts of G-d or nature, criminal activities,
and other work interruptions beyond the control of the contractor).

The contractor guarantees all work performed
for a period of 30 calendar days from either
the date specified in Paragraph 1
or upon the date on which the duty or duties
designated in Paragraph 2 have been completed,
whichever is later.

Paragraph 3b.  Customer Obligation

The customer understands that all work designated in Paragraph 2
shall be performed by the contractor per Paragraph 3a.

The customer also understands that the aforementioned guarantee
shall be deemed null and void if,
in the opinion of the contractor,
the customer damages or otherwise alters the work performed
by the contractor.

The customer agrees that if there is a dispute
concerning the results of the work performed by the contractor
as designated in Paragraph 2, that the customer is obliged
to make all reasonable efforts to contact the contractor
to seek a mutally agreeable remedy.
The customer also agrees to hold
the contractor blameless of any liability and/or damages
- - real or perceived - - and, as such,
the customer shall not seek legal action or recourse
against the contractor in any way, shape, or form.

The customer agrees that the concept/idea/ideals of this contract
shall remain in force permanently,
regardless of any and all work performed now and/or in the future.

Paragraph 4.  Signatures

The undersigned parties, as described in Paragraph 1,
being of sound mind and body,
do hereby agree to the terms put forth
within all pages of this contract,
and do affix their signatures, below, in each other's presence,
freely and without hesitation, prejudice, or forethought of malice,

The Contractor:

___________________________________________________     ___________

The Customer:

___________________________________________________     ___________