Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
About My 'Tennis in Paris!' Website

and a little bit about me as well!

French Lesson

The phrase "Raison d'Etre"
which appears on the top of my main page,
translates to "Reason for Being",
or, in modern terms, as "Mission Statement".

C'est moi!

I am 60-something (!) years old,
born and raised in New York,
and currently residing in Kentucky.

I have been playing tennis since 1975
and am a USTA-rated 4.0 NTRP,
though injuries have sidelined me,
possibly permanently.
This was my license plate . . . really!

(yes, I realize it has multiple meanings!)

Virginia residents can create
their own license plate at:
Virginia Dept. of Motor Vehicles Select-a-Plate.

It costs only $10/year!
(unfortunately, Kentucky charges $100/year for personalized plates)

What qualifications do I have
to spout-off about tennis?

- I have been playing tennis - - mostly self-taught - - since 1975.
- Participated in many forms of play, including pick-up games,
        tournament/league play, club play, mixers, and my own events.
- Treasurer for the Natick, MA, Tennis Association
          (a grass roots organization which raised over $10,000 in 1991
          to rebuild the local high school's badly deteriorated tennis courts).
- TLC Coordinator for the 'The Tennis Group', Wash DC for a number of years
          ('Tennis Lovers Care' volunteers brought cheer and aid to those in need).
- Volunteer for tennis socials, auction, and pro-am tournament
          for the Arts for the Aging (AFTA) of Bethesda, MD, 2005 and 2006 (co-organizer).
- Volunteer driver at the Legg-Mason Pro-Tennis Championships for three years in Wash, DC.
- Lent my playing and teaching skills at the Frankfort, KY, Girl Scouts' Convention in 2006.
- Volunteer usher at the Fifth-Third Tennis Challenger event in Lexington, KY in 2006.
- I have been to the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, RI, a few times
          (every true tennis enthusiast should visit it and/or Wimbledon, as I have . . . both!).
- USTA Provisional Referee for a year (not enough work to go around!). :,(
- USTA Tournament Court Supervisor at Midway College, KY, in 2006 and 2007.
- Captained a USTA Tri-Level League team in 2007
          (notice how I didn't mention that we didn't win a single match!)
- Helped a drive to collect racquets for Cambodian children in 2009
          (a private philanthropic venture spearheaded by a friend).

'Nuff said?

For what it's worth, my serve has been clocked at 72 miles per hour,
or about 115 kilometers per hour (I think I like that number better!).
I hit three serves in a row at that speed!
After that, I became so self-conscious about it,
that I was barely able to serve over 60 mph!

        What can I say, except that the "pressure" got to me!

By vocation, I am a Computer Programmer.
My self-declared title is:

        "Senior Software Applications Developer/Engineer/Contractor"

but try putting that on a business card!

This website was my first experience with HTML
("HyperText Mark-up Language"),
which is the "code" used to create web pages.
          You can examine the HTML code for this webpage
          by hitting the "View" toolbar item
          on the top of Netscape browsers,
          then clicking on "Page Source";
          other browsers may have similar functionality.
I wanted to create a tennis-based website
that would help the recreational tennis player
get as much fun out of the game as possible!

With that in mind:

I will (or, at least, whenever I get around to it!)
post things of interest (at least, to me!), such as the following:
- How to exercise properly before and after playing.

- Occasional noteworthy items,
  such as the commemorative postmark for the Davis Cup Centennial
  (removed on August 18, 1999, because the postmark is no longer available).

- My opinions about the current game and relevant issues,
  including "tennis on TV", "equal prize money for women", etc.

- And, of course, links to other sites!
And here are some things you won't see on my site:
- News about professional tennis players
  (there are scads of player/fan sites out there;
  just use your favorite search engine to find them!
  But, having said that, click here to see my favorite players!)

- Scores and events
  (for the same reason as stated in the above paragraph,
  except, of course, for the French Open winners' images on the main page!).

- HTML frames
  (they're ugly, take up too much browser space,
  and are very rarely of any real use.
  Some framed web pages are so poorly designed
  that they will accidentally clone themselves
  when you use you browser's "Back" and "Forward" functions,
  thus forcing you to go to a different website,
  just to clear up the mess!).

- Java code
  (it takes too long to load,
  and I have yet to see any website that made worthwhile use of it,
  whatever that could possibly be!).

- Plug-ins
  (sounds and videos might appeal to some people,
  but they take up too much of your system's resources,
  and are little more than cute distractions!
  But, having said that, I do have what is, to the best of my knowledge,
  the only classical music dedicated to the game of tennis
  on my main web page, which requires the 'Crescendo' plug-in).

- Large web pages
  (anything that takes more than 15 seconds to load is too darned long,
  and nobody has anything that important to say
  that they can't separate it into different web pages!).

- Redundant information
  (first of all, someone might accuse me of plagiarism!
  Secondly, if I know of a website that already has such information,
  then I will simply link to it, with that webmaster's permission, of course,
  and assuming that, in my opinion, the given site is viable and stable)

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