Here's the website from the folks who bring you
the print version of "Tennis Magazine"!

Tennis Magazine

Click on "Catch-a-Match" to find people to play with,
and don't forget to sign-up so others can find you!

(It's a little buggy and not very user-friendly, but it works (more or less)!
As with the 'Sports Ladder' link (described on the 'Miscellaneous' link page)
many people sign-up, but either don't respond or don't want to play.
Just keep at it, and you're bound to find someone who wants to play!
All sorts of tennis paraphenalia for sale!

Tennis Warehouse

I've bought quite a few things from them over the years,
and am VERY satisfied with their customer service
(both before AND after the sale),
and their prices are the lowest I've seen on the 'net, in magazines or in stores!
Greencourt Software

Software to run your tennis events,
and some information and links.

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