Let's go a-courtin'!

Click these links to find outdoor courts in the Metro DC area!

Metro DC

Fairfax County

Check Government and parks & recreation websites
for court listings in your area!

A Ski Club that Plays Tennis!

Tennis, anyone?
Is skiing your thing?
Like to travel with nice folks?
Just want to socialize?
Then check this out!

The Ski Club of Washington DC

Click here for their tennis programs and schedule.

Ski Club members get a nice discount
on annual memberships
at the Fairfax Racquet Club!


Meet single, tennis-playing folks with:

The Tennis Group

(yes, that is their name! a/k/a "TTG")

World Team Tennis!

WTT is a grass-roots league that plays year-round.

Players sign-up for a given season,
and are assigned a team with one of the players acting as Captain.
The team can be pre-arranged,
or WTT will place you into one (as they did with me!).
Teams typically consist of at least 4 people (2 men and 2 women),
but can be as many as 8.

Play is once-a-week at a scheduled time and place,
and consists of one same-sex singles match (i.e., one men's, one women's),
one same-sex doubles match (i.e., one men's, one women's),
and two mixed-doubles matches (i.e., played on two courts).

The cost depends on the season and where the matches are played.

You do not have to be a USTA-rated player to play.

Click here for a list of WTT Leagues
in the Maryland-Virginia area.

(I am not aware of any in D.C.)

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