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About This Website
    My personal background, why this website was created, etc.
My Favorite Tennis Players
Tennis Quotes
    A growing (hopefully!) list of famous tennis quotations.
The USTA's National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP)
    (or, at least, my interpretation of it!)

A Humorous Version of the NTRP

The Unofficial NTRP Test
    (fill-out the form to find out your NTRP; response sent to you via e-mail;
    this is for those players who aren't quite sure how to use the Official NTRP,
    or who just want a "sanity" check of their official or self-set NTRP rating)
Links to Other Websites

          - Tennis Info for the Metro DC Area

          - Commercial Websites

          - Miscellaneous Websites
My Serve
    My thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc.,
        about the game of tennis and everything revolving around it!

          - Tennis on the Tube

          - Ticket to Hell!

          - Cute Court Comments!

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