This page is for those who
absolutely gotta know
what major changes have been made
to the 'Tennis in Paris!' site!

Mar 3 Moved site from LimeDomains to WebHostingPad.
Aug 23 Moved site from WebNG to LimeDomains.
May 22 Modified appearance of front page for aesthetic purposes
(mostly to make the Eiffel Tower area look more like a flag with the net)
July 20 Site moved from ''
(Yahoo closed it down)
Sep 13 Site moved from '' to 'Geocities'
(decided the domain wasn't worth the price)
Nov 22 - Removed some dead external links.
- Fixed many erroneous intra-site links.
Oct 9 Removed "Your Serve!" e-mail page to avoid spam.
Jul 17 Made NTRP page more legible and up-to-date
with recent changes in USTA regulations and personal opinions.
Dec 15 Site moved from Geocities to ''
Sep 17 Added "Cute Court Comments".
Jun 10 Removed Guestbook.
Mar 29 Changed E-mail Address and Removed Patriotic Banner.
Sep 28 Added Charity Links.
Sep 22
Added American Ribbon in honor of those slain
in the terrorist attack of Sep 11, 2001
which destroyed the World Trade Centers
and part of the Pentagon, but galvanized the civilized World.
May 30 Updated World Team Tennis page (DC Links).
Apr 13 Removed webrings from Links page.
Jan 22 Reorganized / revamped main page.
Dec 25 Added 'Lawn Tennis' midi pop-up to main page.
Dec 16 - Mucked with the background color (again!)
    from Grassy Green to French Clay (mais, bien sur!)
- Modified Your Serve! page.
Nov 4 Made NTRP page more readable.
Jul 28 Added 'World Team Tennis' info to DC Links page.
Jul 8 Added the 'First anniversary free-can-of-tennis-balls offer'
(only one person took 'advantage' of it!)
Mar 20 Added the 'My Serve' page.
Feb 21 - Added the Site Index page.
- Revamped the Main page.
Feb 3 - Neatened the Links! page . . . again!
- Removed Devil Links page, among other things.
Jan 11 Separated and neatened the Links! page.
Dec 23 Changed background color from Slate Grey to Grassy Green.
Nov 18 Added Tennis Quotations page.
Nov 17 Completely re-did the Your Serve page.
Nov 10 Added Devil Links page.
Oct 6 Removed Steffi Graf retirement information (old news!).
Sep 21 Added the Your Serve page (moved from the main page).
Sep 10 Added the Links page.
Aug 20 Changed most of the line separators to "net" GIFs.
Aug 19 Added Funny NTRP page.
Aug 18 Added this page.
Aug 17 Removed Davis Cup and My Design pages
(information from those pages expired Aug 18).
Aug 16 Added NTRP page.
Aug 13 Added Steffi Graf retirement information.
Aug 2 Added guest book to home page.
Jul 25 Added Favorites page.
Jul 23 Added visitor counter to home page.
Jul 22 Added Raison d'Etre page.
Jul 18 Added Davis Cup and My Design pages.
Jul 13 Got website from Yahoo/Geocities.

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