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updated: March 19, 2019

  OBJECTIVE     *   To record voice-overs, narrations, commercials, books, etc.,
*   To perform as an actor, walk-on, supernumerary, extra, etc.

  PERSONAL     *   5'10", 185 lbs, weight proportional to height
*   Brown eyes; bespectacled; neat, short, brown hair
*   Handsome, humorous, presentable, personable
*   Strong, warm, friendly-sounding, tenor
*   Wide range of characterizations, imitations, accents
*   Efficient, enthusiastic, well-organized
*   Excellent command of the English language
*   Knowledge of computers and programming
*   Own recording/playback and A/V editing equipment
*   Misc: Artistic; 60 wpm typist; 4.0 NTRP tennis player
*   Takes direction very well

  ACTING   *   Reader for the Blind, Radio Eye, Kentucky
*   "Tourist", Napoli, Royal Danish Ballet
*   "Priest", La Bayadere, American Ballet Theater
*   "Reporter/Waiter/Gentry", La Cenerentola, Washington National Opera
*   "Spectator", The Service, Disney/Touchstone Pictures
*   Text-to-CD Voice-over, Accent Modification Center, Maryland
*   Text-to-Internet Voice-over, SANS Institute, Maryland
*   Wedding Emcee
*   Sports Group Announcer
*   Guest Speaker
*   "Rev. Samuel Parris", The Crucible
*   "The Judge", The Exchange
*   "Felix Unger", The Odd Couple

  TECHNICAL   *   Spot Light, Brigadoon
*   Auxiliary Lights, Witness for the Prosecution
*   Props, The Women of Troy

  DIRECTING   *   The Children's Hour
*   The Odd Couple
*   Crown Matrimonial (Asst. to the Director)

  EDUCATION     *   Bachelor's degree, State University College, Oswego, NY.

  SALARY     *   Non-Agency; Non-Union; Negotiable pay and terms.


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